Frequent Questions

Does the Extreme Driver come fully assembled and ready to work?

The extreme driver is completely assembled, tested, and ready to use upon delivery or purchase.

Where are the hydraulic controls located?

Depending on the driver, the controls are mounted in a convenient and safe area for the operator.

How does the Extreme Driver prevent damage to the post?

With the included level, you can hit your post with full impact of the hammer head.

Will the Extreme Driver fit my tractor's linkage system?

Any 3 Point Hitch model will fit your tractor, whether it is self-contained or off of your tractor's hydraulics.

How easy is it to align posts with the Extreme Driver?

With a clear line of sight and level, you can adjust your post to meet your standards.

How heavy is the Extreme Driver driving hammer?

The Extreme Driver Economy models feature hammers that weigh 650lbs., the rest of the models feature 750lbs.

How high can the hammer weight go?

The Extreme Driver Economy models go up to 66", the rest of the models go up to 84".

What if I have rocky, hard ground, will the Extreme Driver still drive in posts?

With an optional pilot auger system that fits all drivers with exception of the Economy models, you can drill through rocks, roots, and other obstacles.

What can I do when I remove the Extreme Driver from my 3 point linkage?

Adjust the Extreme Driver to a folded position and just detach.

Why is a post so firm when driven by an Extreme Driver?

A driven post is eight times more sturdy than a packed post, and with the ability to hold the post with your driver, you can be rest assured that your posts will be around for years to come!

Can I order parts online??

If you need a replacement part, accessories, or are looking to upgrade just call 540-718-2223 for more information.